Specialists in Contemporary Collage
Specialists in Contemporary Collage
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Jono Boyle

Playful and provocative, Jono Boyle's work uses appropriated imagery and text to explore popular culture. He photographs, copies, scans and manipulates found images, slogans and song lyrics, repositioning them in playful and irreverent ways to create a new set of meanings - poking at them to see what might be exposed.

Boyle’s collages don’t tread the traditional path of simply combining diverse pictorial elements to create a totally new image.  Instead, he purposefully preserves the content and context of the chosen image, choosing to intervene with it to subtly disrupt its narrative and reveal an underlying reality which hitherto has been hidden from view.

As well as being influenced by a diverse assortment of artists, Boyle takes much of his inspiration from musicians who rely heavily on sampled (and often pirated) sources.  The early UK rave scene is a particular reference point for him, as is the work of cult author, thinker and general trickster Robert Anton Wilson.

Irish, b. 1971
Lives and works in Athens, Greece

Recent Exhibitions
The Age of Collage 3 - The Curve, Berlin, Germany (2020)
The Age of Collage 2 - Feinkunst Krüger Gallery, Hamburg, Germany (2019)
Tribute to Viborg, 1018 – 2018 - Contemporary Collage Art Museum, Viborg, Denmark (2018)
International Weird Collage Show - Jealous Gallery, London, UK (2018)
Too Much Too Young - Spike Print Studio, Spike Island, Bristol, UK (2016)
Cultural Debris - Presented by Smithson Galley and hosted at Jealous Gallery, London, UK (2015)

V&A Museum, London, UK
Contemporary Collage Art Museum, Viborg, Denmark
Bristol City Museum & Art Gallery, Bristol, UK
M-Shed, Bristol, UK

Jono Boyle - Originals