Specialists in Contemporary Collage
Specialists in Contemporary Collage
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Jorge Chamorro


Jorge Chamorro is an independent graphic designer, collage artist and teacher. His work has been exhibited and published nationally and internationally.

Chamorro's collages are playful and mysterious, honest and direct. Central to his approach is tapping into the subconscious - there is no set plan or any preconceived idea of what he wants to make, instead, the imagery evolves with any hint of explanation enticingly hidden beneath the surface, inviting the viewer to contemplate and sense their own meaning.

When I do collage, I don't know why I paste this here and there, that's the mystery and magic of collage; it is a game with the unconscious; as the artist, Eduardo Chillida once said, "I don't think about an artwork while I'm doing it, but I never stop thinking about it once it's done".

This is echoed in his deliberate avoidance of perplexing or poetic titles, leaving all interpretation to the individual viewer.

Spanish, b. 1972
Lives and works in Berlin and Madrid

Recent Exhibitions
Zur Kenntnis Genommen - The Grid Cabins. Berlin, Germany (2021)
Summer 2021 Show (virtual exhibition) - Sharp Hands Gallery, Portland, Seattle, US (2021)
Kaos Festival - Layer House, Kranj, Slovenia (2020)
Collagistas Festival - Maison du Peuple St-Gilles Brussels Belgium (2019)
The Age of Collage 2 - Feinkunst Krüger Gallery, Hamburg, Germany (2019)
Hokuspokus - Gr_und, Berlin, Germany (2019)
Collateral - Supalife Kiosk, Berlin, Germany (2018)
La Factoria de Papel - Madrid, Spain (2018)