Specialists in Contemporary Collage
Specialists in Contemporary Collage
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K Young

K Young’s work skillfully combines appropriation, photography and collage, producing what K Young terms ‘Photographic Paper Collages’. Intuitively constructed from the myriad of random cuts outs collected over many years directly under a copy stand camera, the work only complete when this composition has been photographed.

Notable in the work is a particular focus on the human body, experimenting with new and different ways of representing it and creating intriguing portraits that delve far deeper than a more traditional rendering of the subjects ever could. Yet, never making obvious or even clear what this is. It is in this deliberate ambiguity that the true power of the work lies, reminding us to look beneath the surface and to recognise the beauty and complexity of life.

In fact, it was attending Life Drawing classes whilst a graduate at Central Saint Martins College of Art that most influenced the work;

“The (life drawing class) tutor was inspiring; every week, he would bring along random objects which we had to incorporate into the drawing of the figure. This unpredictable juxtaposition threw up new ways of seeing and telling, which felt so liberating to me.”

Adopting this approach into the collages led K Young to a broadening of the subject matter, as well as revealing new ways of bringing disparate elements together. Ultimately, this is why K Young’s work is considered to be so unique and seductive.

Lives and works in London, UK

Recent Exhibitions
The Age of Collage 3 - The Curve, Berlin, Germany (2020)
Art of Self Service - Dallas Contemporary, Dallas, US (2019)
LESS Festival of Contemporary Collage - Viborg, Denmark (2020)