Specialists in Contemporary Collage
Specialists in Contemporary Collage
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Marina Velisioti

Marina Velisioti works with collage and sculpture and has recently started incorporating weaving into this practice.  Her latest series utilises more complex collages and tapestries to develop new narratives inspired by deserted landscapes and lost places. These strange worlds, enigmatic simulations of the universe, are in many ways surreal and uncanny but she manages to keep them 'inhabitable' and unthreatening.

Velisioti studied at the Department of Applied Arts, School of Fine Arts in Thessaloniki, Greece.  She is fascinated by scenography, video art applications and psychoacoustics (the branch of psychology concerned with the perception of sound and its physiological effects). The use and function of film and documentary have been a major influence on her work, with many references coming from pulp fiction.

She is the founder and editor of the art zine Bebabebo.

Greek, b. 1982
Lives and works in Athens, Greece

Recent Exhibitions

Please Please me "The Symptom Projects" - Amfissa, Greece, 2020
Blow me up - Velvet Bus, Ios Island, Greece, 2020 (curated by Marina Velisioti)
ΗΛΕΚΤΡΙΣ /How To Think Like A Mountain (supported by NEON) - Samothrace, Greece, 2019
Ta Dimodi,'' The Symptom Projects'' - Amfissa, Greece, 2018
Landscape Revisited - Elika Gallery, Athens, Greece, 2018