Specialists in Contemporary Collage
Specialists in Contemporary Collage
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Sophie Gibson

Sophie Gibson is a UK artist firmly rooted in the North of England.  She studied Fine Arts at Liverpool John Moores School of Art and has exhibited extensively in the UK and abroad. 

Gibson's work challenges ideas of originality, consumerism, corporate selling culture and contemporary throwaway society.  Her visual language is playful and imaginative, constantly challenging the notion of originality while exploring relations between gender, power and identity.  While applying the layers of her work on found material she gracefully traps new meaning and places it into a nostalgic or self- critical discussion with the sometime past.

Gibson works with collage as well as sculpture, analogue photography and public interventions and installations.

British, b 1988 
Lives and works in Burnley, UK

Recent Exhibitions
Sophie Gibson - Towneley Hall Museum & Gallery, Burnley, UK (2018)
The Winter Exhibition - The Royal Institute of The Fine Arts, Glasgow, UK (2016) 
The 152nd Annual Exhibition - Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Art, Glasgow, UK (2013)

Towneley Hall Museum & Art Gallery, Burnley, UK
Burnley Mechanics Institute, Burnley, UK