Specialists in Contemporary Collage
Specialists in Contemporary Collage
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Versaweiss is Dimitris Baboulis and Thanos Klonaris.  The artistic duo combine new media, digital printing, and graphic design with the more traditional forms of art (painting, sculpture, installation and photography). 

Through their imagery, the viewer is introduced to a fragile reality and draws new connections regarding mental experiences and emotional states.  Irony, sarcasm, ignorance, knowledge, romance, truth, belief and in particular, the search for authentic scepticism is fundamental to their artistic practices.

Both enigmatic and evocative, Versaweiss’s work invites a concrete and meticulous gaze into what lies beyond.  It is a comment on popular culture, consumerism, contemporary values, the life we envisage and the world we live in.

Greek, both b. 1979
Live and work in Athens, Greece

Recent Exhibitions
Don’t Kill Bambi: The Studio 54 Phenomenon Repositioned at Time of Crisis - BIOS, Athens, Greece (2016)
Elegance is Refusal - CAN Gallery, Athens, Greece (2014)
Left Overs: The Belly of a City - TinT Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece (2013)