Specialists in Contemporary Collage
Specialists in Contemporary Collage
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LIE was established in 2021 by the artist and curator Jono Boyle and curator and arts consultant Maria Papaioannou as a way to showcase some of the most inspiring and exciting collage artists of our time but also to provide a platform to promote and exhibit Contemporary Collage.

Jono has over 15 years' experience working as a gallerist & curator and collage had always been a passion of his; yet few galleries seemed to exist that focused on this important medium. Hand-picking artists from around the world whom he believes are currently producing the very best work LIE Gallery was born.

LIE offers both Original Collage Works and produces Limited Edition Fine Art Prints. This allows us to present a range of work including artworks at affordable prices. We are also very happy to discuss bespoke commissions, licensing, etc - just give us a shout if you think we can help at all.

Leisure Isn't Everything, 2021


We work closely with our artists to select artworks we feel will make beautiful and compelling prints. Collages, by their very nature are often smaller works of art, so in the process of producing an edition we chose artworks that will best scale up and produce vibrant and exciting larger prints. Many customers prefer this option as they want something larger that can dominate a wall space in their homes.

 All our prints are exclusive limited editions with small run numbers - just as collectable as the original works; in fact, because prints are also more affordable they are often the perfect entry into collecting art.

They are produced using only museum quality archival papers and inks. We work only with The Print Space, the UK’s leading Fine Art and Photographic printers, to ensure professionally produced fine art prints with incredibly high resolution, perfect colour tones and an unbeatable archival lifespan of up to 200 years.



We live in a time where sampling, remixing and collaging are so commonplace that we hardly notice them anymore. Fitting then that Collage Art is experiencing something of a renaissance in our digital/Instagram age.

Collage is not that new an artform though. First practised several centuries before, it first rose to prominence in the early 20th Century due to its use by the Cubists, most famously Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso, who employed collage techniques in their Cubist paintings. Collages, Assemblages, and Photomontages were then taken up by the Dada movement, with artists such as Hannah Höch and Kurt Schwitters using them as the perfect mediums to 'attack the bourgeoisie with distortions of its own imagery'.

It has remained an important medium ever since, and seems to crop up in most notable art movements; the Pop artists such as Eduardo Paolozzi, Richard Hamilton and Peter Blake used it extensively as did the Situationists, who in turn helped inspire the artists and designers that produced most of the imagery accompanying Punk, such as Linder Sterling and Jamie Reid.

Since then numerous artists from many diverse fields have incorporated collage and collage techniques into their work, such as William Burroughs, David Bowie, Richard Prince, Dash Snow and John Baldessari. Also worth noting is Hip Hop which originated with the technique of collaging different musical sources.

Today, numerous artists have not only kept up the collage tradition, but are pushing it in radically new directions and creating compositions that focus far less on the techniques of cutting and pasting but take the ideology of appropriation, sampling, remixing and collage as just their starting point. Distorting and subverting the deluge of information and images encountered daily to tease out their own meanings and beauty from today’s over saturated and confusing world.