Specialists in Contemporary Collage
Specialists in Contemporary Collage
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LIE Gallery aims to showcase some of the most exciting collage art being made at the moment.  We work with both established and emerging artists who predominantly or note-worthily utilise collage in their practice and whom we believe are at the forefront of contemporary collage.

Original artwork is artwork that has not been directly made from any previously made artwork (as an edition is) and is generally unique. Sometimes, and it is growing in popularity, that an artist may generate artwork digitally and offer more than one for sale, this is still considered original artwork and is distinct from 'editions'.

Artwork can come in many forms and be generated from many materials. We endeavour to list our artwork as fully as possible, but please contact us if you would like any further information on the materials and/or production methods employed by our artists.



LIE Gallery works closely with leading contemporary artists to commission limited edition prints from either a new or existing artwork. This print is produced in a limited number from this original artwork by the UK’s leading Fine Art and Photographic printers, The Print Space.

All prints are numbered and will be accompanied by a signed certificate-of-authenticity. A small number of Artist Proofs (APs) will also be produced. These are generally identical to the prints in the main edition. The number of prints is always strictly limited to the number in the edition and the APs. No further prints are ever produced. We sometimes make the APs available for sale once the main edition has sold out. Please ask.


Please note that most of our original artwork is sold unframed and all Editions are sold unframed.

Any original work sold framed will clearly be noted in the artworks description.


To find out when new artwork and new editions are launched and for other special offers we strongly recommend you join our mailing list (link at the bottom of every page). You can, of course unsubscribe, at any point.